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 Kyuu GM app

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PostSubject: Kyuu GM app   Kyuu GM app EmptyFri Jul 17, 2009 12:57 pm

Name (Full Name): Brian Jacob



How long do you stay online?: Weekdays=2-3 Hours. Weekends=5-6 hours


What you can do:I Can...
Help Who ever has a problem(Downloading problem,Game Play Problem, and Setting Problem..soo on)i can help with events
Baning players from hacking or swapping

Why we should choose you:
Im fun
and i thought u might need another GM

Would anyone recommend you? If so, why?:
Not yet

Experience as a staff:I never benn a staff before so thats why i want to Take a chance to be one right now

Any other comment you have for us?
I played Trinity gunZ.Dark gunZ,Fatal gunZ,CT GunZ,ijji gunz,EG gunZ,

UserName: Kyuu12

TY For Reading
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Kyuu GM app
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