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PostSubject: Application Yapkea   Application Yapkea EmptySun Oct 18, 2009 2:58 pm

Name : Arjen

Age : 14

E-mail : Arjenreijersen2@hotmail.com

Languages : English and Dutch

Where do you live : Netherlands

What server(s) have you played before : TrinityGunZ, FakeGunZ, LegendGamers, InnovationGaming, Ghetto GunZ, Akemi GunZ. Those are the most i remember.

Are you experienced as a GM : Yes i am very Experienced, on Ghetto GunZ, Akemi GunZ, ErGunZ.

How long do you play GunZ each day : 3 + hours per day.

Why do you think you deserve to be GM : Well, i am very helpfull, Searching and banning people which are illegal hacking or glitching. My english isn't prefect but it is pretty good. i can be very active on the server and make games so people won't get bored when they are playing. I also can get some friends here and let them play.

Anything else : i love to help you guys further and hope i get choosed, GL everyone.

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Application Yapkea
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